速報! RSNA 2012 Award Winners ~日本人受賞者一覧~

RSNA2012 Report:RSNAからの宅急便

「RSNA2012 – 98th Scientific Assembly and Annual Meeting Award Winners」が発表された。
日本人はCum Laudeで2名、Certificate of Meritで28名の受賞となった。


●Cum Laude
LL -CHE 2280
Review of Thoracic Duct Imaging by Conventional and New Modalities
K. Takanami, MD, PhD, Sendai JAPAN; T. Kaneta; H. Fukuda;S. Takahashi, MD
LL -URE 2138
Differential Diagnosis of Tumor and Tumor-like Lesions of the Bladder:A Practical Approach Using Morphology-based Diagnosing System
M. Takeuchi, MD,PhD, Nagoya JAPAN; M. Hara, MD, PhD; Y. Shibamoto,MD, PhD
●Certificate of Merit
LL -BRE 4696
Molecular Subtypes of Invasive Breast Cancer: Radiologic Findings and Pathologic Correlation
K. Yamaguchi, MD, Chicago, IL; D.V.Schacht, MD; R. Egashira, MD; H. Irie,MD; F. Yamasaki; H. Abe, MD
LL -CAE 4649
Radiological Assessment of Repaired Tetralogy of Fallot in Adults: What Radiologists Need to Know to Determine the Indication of Redo Surgery
Y. Morita, MD, Tokyo JAPAN; T. Ueda,MD; A.I. Makidono, MD; T. Shirai; K.Niwa, MD,PhD; Y. Saida, MD
LL -CHE 2317
Combined pulmonary fibrosis with emphysema (CPFE): Three Morphological Types and Their Changes Over Time
R. Egashira, MD, Saga City Japan; K. Yamaguchi, MD; N. Kamochi; Y. Egashira;H. Irie, MD
LL -CHE 2404
Dynamic Respiratory Motion Imaging of the Pulmonary Lobes Using 320-row ADCT
H. Moriya, MD, Fukushima JAPAN; T. Akimoto; M. Nakagawa, MD
LL -GIE 4017
Understanding Hepatic Transporters for a Better Interpretation of Gadoxetate Disodium-enhanced MRI
Y. Nakamura, MD, Hiroshima JAPAN; C. Tani, MD; Y. Honda, MD; D. Komoto; S. Date; K. Awai, MD
LL -GIE 4037
Splenic Lesions: CT Imaging Patterns,Differential Diagnosis and Management
S. Kawamoto, MD, Baltimore, MD; S.Sheth, MD; E.K. Fishman, MD
LL -GIE 4123
Pancreatic Neuroendocrine Tumors:Atypical Presentation on MDCT
S. Kawamoto, MD, Baltimore, MD; P.T.Johnson, MD; S.S. Siegelman,MD; R.H.Hruban; E.K. Fishman, MD
LL -GIE 4145
Clinical Anatomy of the Vessels in Suspensory Ligament of the Liver in Patients with Portal Hypertension and SVC Syndrome
K. Ibukuro, MD, Tokyo JAPAN; T. Takeguchi; H. Fukuda; S. Abe; K. Tobe
LL -HPE3173
Knowledge of the Public Regarding Ionizing Radiation and Radioactive Material in Japan: Present Situation and Possible Countermeasures
S. Yashima, Sendai Japan; K. Chida, PhD; Y. Ohta, RT; J. Numakura, RT; D. Shibuya, MD; S. Hisamichi, MD
LL -INE 2520
3D Visualization Capabilities of a Glasses-Free Medical 3D Display: Usefulness as an Integrated and Intuitive 3D Viewing Method
M. Suzuki, Chuo-Ku JAPAN; K. Ihara; S. Tsukagoshi, MS; Y. Kokojima; Y. Narita; N. Moriyama, MD, PhD
LL -MIE 2083
Clinical Applications of Contrastenhanced Optical Imaging in Cancer
N. Kosaka, MD, Eiheiji JAPAN; M. Mitsunaga; M. Ogawa, PhD; P.L. Choyke, MD; H. Kobayashi, MD, PhD
LL -MKE4457
MRI of the Joint with Fat Suppression at 3T: How to Select
Y. Harada, MD, Ube Japan; O. Tokuda, MD; N. Matsunaga, MD, PhD
LL -MKE4556
When Life Is Flipped: Getting a Handle on Notch-displaced Longitudinal Vertical Meniscal Tears and Associated Mimics and Pitfalls
T. Maetani, MD, Boston, MA; D.H.Macarthur, MD; D.M. Adams, MD; M.Loukas, MD,PHD; T.L. Huang,MD; R.J. Ward, MD
LL -NME 2127
Role of Integrated FDG-PET/CT with Dynamic Contrast-enhancement in Evaluation of Gallbladder Tumors
Y. Tanabe, Matsuyama JAPAN; Y. Sugawara,MD; H. Takahata; S. Sakai; T.Takahashi; T. Shimizu
LL -NRE 2546
Ocular MRI Using Fast MR Sequences, Small Surface Coils, and Visual Axis Fixation: Indications, Technical Considerations, and Clinical Utility
K. Tanitame, MD, Hiroshima JAPAN; Y. Nakamura, MD; Y. Honda, MD; Y. Kaichi; D. Komoto; K. Awai, MD
LL -NRE 2573
Imaging of Oropharyngeal Cancer: How Can the Radiologist Help with Treatment Planning?
H. Kuno, MD, Kashiwa JAPAN; H. Onaya, MD; M. Satake, MD; S. Fujii, MD; R. Iwata, MD; T. Kobayashi, MD
LL -NRE 2579
Neuromyelitis Optica: How Is It Different and How Can It be Diagnosed?
H. Yokota, MD, Chiba JAPAN; H. Mukai; K. Motoori, MD; K. Inoue, MD, PhD; T. Kazama, MD; T. Horikoshi, MD
LL -NRE 2594
Skull Base Tumors and Tumor-like Lesions: Mastering the Basics
A. Kunimatsu, MD, Tokyo JAPAN; H. Mori, MD; H. Sasaki; M. Katsura, MD; N. Kunimatsu, MD; K. Ohtomo, MD
LL -NRE 2599
Cerebral Microbleeds: Clinical Significance, Related Vasculopathies and Common Mimics
R. Ideguchi, Nagasaki JAPAN; M.Morikawa, MD; M. Enokizono,MD; S. Akashi; Y.Sakito; T. Fukuda,MD
Benefits of Isovoxel Threedimensional T2-weighted Imaging for Female Pelvic MRI @ 3T: Improved Anatomical Assessment and Lesion Characterization
J. Takahama, MD, Kashihara JAPAN; S. Kitano, MD; A. Takahashi, MD; N. Marugami; T. Itoh, MD; M. Takewa, MD
LL -OBE 2229
Update on MR Imaging of Uterine Malignancy: New Techniques, Tumor Characterization, and Role in Fertility-preserving Surgical Procedures
M. Hori, MD, Suita JAPAN; T. Kim, MD; H. Onishi, MD; A. Nakamoto, MD; M. Sakane, MD; N. Tomiyama, MD, PhD
LL -OBE 2244
Recent Advances in MR Imaging for Evaluation of Ectopic Pregnancy
M.O. Asatani, MD,PhD, Niigata JAPAN; A. Sato, MD; N. Yoshimura, MD, PhD; T. Yahata, MD,PhD; K. Kashima, MD; H. Umezu, MD
LL -OBE 2251
Diagnostic and Therapeutic Strategy for Endometriosis by MR Imaging with Problem-solving Advanced Techniques
M. Takeuchi, MD, Tokushima JAPAN; K. Matsuzaki, MD, PhD; A. Kuwahara, MD,PhD; M. Harada, MD, PhD
LL -URE 2166
Multimodality Imaging of the Congenital Kidney and Urinary Tract Anomalies Based on Embryology
A. Takahashi, MD, Kashihara JAPAN; N. Marugami; J. Takahama, MD; T. Hirai, MD; K. Kichikawa, MD
LL -URE 2168
Three-dimensional Non-Contrastenhanced MR Angiography Using Time-SLIP: Why we Have to Use a New Tool as Pre-interventional Evaluation of Renal Diseases
T. Tajima, MD, PhD, Tokyo Japan; S. Shimizu; T. Yamamoto; M. Shinohara; M. Kohno; S. Sakai, MD
LL -URE 2193
What Radiologists Should Know and Do for Adrenal Hypertension? Disease Concept, Diagnostic Imaging, Venous Sampling, and Interventional Radiological Treatment
K. Takase, Sendai Japan; K. Seiji, MD, PhD; H. Ota, MD, PhD; F. Satoh; R. Morimoto; S. Takahashi, MD
LL -VIE 1183
Below-the-Knee Interventions for Critical Limb Ischemia: What You Need to Know Before You Start
T. Hasebe, MD,PHD, Hachioji JAPAN; S. Kasuya, MD; R. Kasai, MD; N. Kitamura, MD
LL -VIE 2434
Interventional Treatment of Hepatic Malignancy in Patients with Celiac Artery Stenosis/Occlusion: Various Techniques and Prediction by the Contrast Enhanced CT
S. Kamei, MD M. Morikawa, MD, Nagakute Japan; A. Shimizu; C. Arakawa; S. Ikeda; A. Kitagawa
☆RadFan Editors Highlight
【RSNA2012 On-Site Report!】を頂きました、Jay Starkey先生がMagna Cum Laude/Cum Laudeを受賞されました!
○Magna Cum Laude
Going Viral: MRI and CT Appearance of Viral CNS Infections
J. Starkey, MD, San Francisco, CA; E.Yuh, MD, PhD
○Cum Laude
LL -NRE 2734
Beyond Encephalomalacia: What Radiologists Should Know about Neuronal Degeneration
L.J. Starkey, MD, Iowa City, IA; J. Kim,MD; A.A. Capizzano, MD; T. Moritani,MD, PhD
○Magna Cum Laude
Intramyelinic Edema on Diffusion-weighted Imaging: Is It Reversible or Irreversible?
J. Kim, MD, Iowa City, IA; T. Moritani,MD, PhD; P.A. Kirby; A.A. Capizzano,MD; J.C. Kademian, MD, DDS; Y. Sato,MD
○Cum Laude
LL -NRE 2584
Granulomatosis with Polyangiitis:What Is It Anyway?
A.D. Berg, MD, Iowa City, IA; L.R.Gentry, MD; B.A. Policeni, MD; T.Moritani, MD, PhD; Y. Sato, MD; W.R.Smoker, MD
LL -NRE 2640
Primer of Brainstem Anatomy and Pathology
M. Fitzgibbons, MD, Los Angeles, CA; N.Salamon, MD
○Certificate of Merit
LL -VIE 2481
Portal Vein Embolization Prior to Major Hepatic Resection: Technical Considerations for Successful Outcome
B.S. Hailey, MD, Houston, TX; K.Kobayashi, MD; A. Sparks, MD; M.A.Sultenfuss, MD; B. Satpathy, MD; D.D.Smith, MD