RSNA2012 オススメ演題@龍 泰治先生(マサチューセッツ総合病院)

RSNA2012 Report : オススメ演題

龍 泰治先生(マサチューセッツ総合病院)にお答えいただきました。


Scientific Formal (Paper) Presentations
Evaluation of Accuracy of CT Colonography in the Diagnosis of Adenomatous Polyps and Cancers: A Nation-wide Multi-Center Trial in Japan
Hiroyuki Yoshida PhD et al

TIME:11:05-11:15 AM
To evaluate the sensitivity of CT colonography (CTC) in detecting colorectal polyps and cancers >=6 mm in diameter in approximately 1,260 subjects at increased risk of colorectal cancer using optical colonoscopy as the reference standard.


Scientific Formal (Paper) Presentations
Computer-aided Detection for Minimal-Preparation Multi-Energy CT Colonography
Janne Johannes Nappi PhD et al

TIME:03:50-04:00 PM
To assess the detection accuracy of CAD for colorectal lesions at minimal-preparation multi-energy CT colonography (ME-CTC). ME-CTC can improve detection performance under challenging reading conditions, because it provides more information about the chemical composition of colonic materials than does conventional CT colonography.


Scientific Formal (Paper) Presentations
CT Colonography (CTC) in a Population-based Screening for Colon-Cancer (CRC): Preliminary Findings
Gabriella Iussich MD et al

TIME:11:25-11:35 AM
To report preliminary findings of a population-based screening CTC trial


Scientific Informal (Poster) Presentations
A Virtual Pathology Model for Differentiation of Colonic Polyp Types for CT Colonography
Guopeng Zhang MS et al

TIME:01:00-01:30 PM
While differentiating polyps from non-polyp candidates has made good progress for CTC, the task for differentiating different polyp types remains a challenge. This study aims to explore a virtual pathology model to differentiate polyp types, such as hyperplastic (H), tubular adenoma (Ta), tubulovillous adenoma (Va), and adenocarcinoma (A).


Scientific Informal (Poster) Presentations
Gd-EOB-DTPA Enhanced MR Findings of Borderline Lesions of HCC; Relationship between Signal Intensity on Hepatobiliary Phase Images and Prognosis of the Lesions
Satoshi Kobayashi MD et al

TIME:12:15-12:45 PM
LOCATION: Lakeside Learning Center
To elucidate the signal intensity patterns of borderline lesions of HCC on hepatobiliary phase Gd-EOB-DTPA (EOB) enhanced MRI and clarify the natural histories of these lesions.
Education Exhibits
Hepatocellular Carcinoma: Correlation Between Gadoxetic Acid Enhanced MR Imaging and Uptake Transporter OATP8 Expression
Azusa Kitao et al

1. To review the enhancement mechanism of hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) on the hepatobiliary phase of gadoxetic acid enhanced MR imaging, especially focusing on the expression of uptake transporter organic anion transporting polypeptide 8 (OATP8).
2. To demonstrate the changes in enhancement ratio on gadoxetic acid enhanced MR imaging and OATP8 expression during multistep hepatocarcinogenesis.
3. To show the biological features of an atypical subtype of HCCs showing high enhancement ratio due to increased expression of OATP8.


Education Exhibits
Clinical and Imaging Features Caused by Enterohemorrhagic Escherichia Coli Infection: Experience of an Outbreak in Eastern Part of Toyama Prefecture, Japan
Tetsuya Minami MD et al

The purpose of this exhibit is to present:1. The radiologic findings in patients with enterohemorrhagic Escherichia coli (EHEC) colitis.2. The imaging features of complications caused by this organism such ashemolytic uremic syndrome (HUS) and its related organ failures.


Scientific Informal (Poster) Presentations
Early Peritumoral Enhancement of Bile Ductular Carcinoma: Radiologic Pathologic Correlation
Kazuto Kozaka MD et al

TIME:05:30-06:00 PM
To analyze the hemodynamic features of bile ductular carcinoma (BDC; pure type of cholangiolocellular carcinoma without internal hepatocellular and cholangiocellular carcinoma; CCC) with special references to hemodynamics evaluated by angiography-assisted CT with histopathologic correlation.


Scientific Informal (Poster) Presentations
Intraarterially Contrast Enhanced Post Mortem CT with Pulmonary Ventilation
Author List: Jonas Apitzsch MD

TIME:12:15-12:45 PM
LOCATION: Lakeside Learning Center
To evaluate the feasibility and diagnostic value of Post-Mortem Computed Tomography (pmCT) with intraarterial contrast Enhancement enhancement and pulmonary Ventilation