速報! RSNA 2018 Award Winners ~日本人受賞者一覧~




■Magna Cum Laude

Extra-Nodal Extension in Head and
Neck Cancer: How Radiologists
Can Help Staging and Treatment
T. Hiyama, MD, Kashiwa Japan
H. Kuno, MD, PhD
T. Nagaki, MD,PhD
K. Sekiya, DDS, PhD
S. Fujii, MD, PhD
R. Hayashi, MD, PhD

■Cum Laude

MRI-Detected Breast Lesions: Comparison
with Second-look US Using
Real-time Virtual Sonography and
Histopathological Findings
K. Nakashima, MD, Nagaizumi JAPAN
T. Uematsu, MD, PhD
K. Takahashi, MD
S. Nishimura, MD
T. Sugino, MD

Diagnostic Approach for Gastric
Tumor, Focusing on Double Contrast
Radiogram: Correlation Between the
Radiological and Histopathological
K. Minamiguchi, Kashihara Japan
T. Itoho
J. Takahama, MD
N. Marugami
R. Taiji
K. Kichikawa, MD

Hepatocellular Adenomas: Understanding
the Pathomolecular Lexicon,
Imaging Features, Terminology,
and Pitfalls to Inform a Standardized
Approach (LI-RADS Benign Lesion
M. Zulfiqar, MD, Saint Louis, MO
M. Gagnon, MD
N. Yoneda
C.B. Sirlin, MD
T.A. Hope, MD
E.M. Hecht, MD

Necessity of 3D Imaging in Robot
Assisted Surgical Kidney Resection:
An Optimal Way to Provide Accurate
Y. Miyachi, RT, Fukuoka JAPAN
D. Ideguchi
R. Miyajima
S. Orita, RT

Application of Deep Learning to
Pancreatic Imaging – The Radiologists’
L.C. Chu, MD, Baltimore, MD
S. Park
S. Kawamoto, MD
D. Fadaei Fouladi, MD
S. Shayesteh, MD
K.M. Horton, MD

Imaging of Paraganglioma in Various
Organs: A Comprehensive Review
S. Nagata, MD, Kurume JAPAN
H. Nishimura, MD
K.K. Amrami, MD
T. Tonan, MD
A. Sumi, MD
Y. Uchiyama, MD

Imaging Findings in MedicationInduced
Changes of the Central
Nervous System: What Radiologists
Should Know
T. Harada, Sapporo Japan
K. Kudo, MD
N. Fujima, MD
H. Kameda
K. Tha, MBBS, PhD
Y. Korogi, MD, PhD

Radiological Approach for Depth of
Invasion of the Oral Tongue Cancer
Added in AJCC 8th Edition: Assessment
of the Necessity of Elective
Neck Dissection
A. Baba, Ichikawa JAPAN
H. Yamauchi, MD
K. Ikeda, MD, PhD
N. Ogino
T. Mogami, MD
K. Hashimoto
H. Ojiri, MD

■Certificate of Merit

Identifying Vulnerable Coronary
Plaques – What Should I Know?
J. Noschang, MD, Sao Paulo BRAZIL
W. Ishikawa
P.V. Santana-Netto, MD
H. Shoji, MD
G.B. Teles, MD
G. Szarf, MD

Tracheobronchial Tumors: Imaging
Findings with Pathological Correlation
K. Furuya, MD, Fukuoka JAPAN
K. Yasumori, MD
S. Takeo, MD
S. Momosaki, MD, PhD
T. Masuda, MD
A. Kutsuna, MD

Thoracic Involvement in Collagen
Vascular Disorders: A Pictorial
B.S. Oliveira, MD, Sao Paulo BRAZIL
H.J. Lee, MD
V.C. Silva, MD
M.V. Sawamura, MD
T.R. Yamanari, MD
J.P. Moura Filho, BMedSc

Emergency Cases Resulting from
Fish Bone Ingestion
S. Ichikawa, MD, PhD, Chuo-Shi
U. Motosugi, MD
H. Onishi, MD

CT Gastrography for Gastric
Tumors: What is the Current Role?
D. Tsurumaru, MD, Fukuoka Japan
Y. Nishimuta
T. Muraki
Y. Asayama, MD
H. Honda, MD

A Diversity of Imaging Findings in
Gastrointestinal Stromal Tumor:
What is Characteristic Finding?
A. Inoue, MD,PhD, Higashioumi-city
A. Furukawa, MD, PhD
S. Ota, MD,PhD
M. Yamasaki, MD
N. Nitta, MD
K. Murata, MD

How to Avoid Misdiagnosis of
Malignant Liver Tumors? Tips and
Pearls on Interpreting Abdominal
H. Nakai, MD, Kyoto JAPAN
S. Arizono, MD,PhD
H. Isoda, MD
K. Togashi, MD, PhD

Cystic Pancreatic Lesions: Understanding
Imaging Features and
Pathologic Findings
A. Tamura, MD, Morioka JAPAN
K. Ishida, MD,PhD
K. Kato, MD
S. Ehara, MD

Clinical Implementation of DualEnergy CT for Bowel Disease: It’s Time to Embrace the Change
N. Taguchi, Kumamoto Japan
S. Oda, MD
M. Imuta, MD
Y. Yokota T.
Nakaura, MD D.
Utsunomiya, MD

Robotic Process Automation: Go
Beyond Artificial Intelligence in the
Radiology Department
N. Nakata, MD, Tokyo JAPAN
Z. Wang, MD,PhD
T. Watanabe
T. Ohta
M. Nishioka, MD
H. Ojiri, MD

The First Step of Texture Analysis:
How to Create Grey Level CoOccurrence
Matrix (GLCM) and
Calculate Six Texture Measures
S. Funaki, Toon JAPAN
Y. Hiratsuka
T. Mochizuki, MD

Hybrid Multiparametric 3 Tesla
PET/MRI in Pelvic Malignancies:
From Protocol Design to Clinical
M. Yang, MD, Scottsdale, AZ
Y. Zhou, PhD
N. Mishra, MD,MBBS
J.B. Ashman, MD,PhD
K.A. Butler, MD,MS
A. Kawashima, MD, PhD

Don’t Paralyze! A Pocket Guide
for Musculoskeletal Surveillance in
Patients with Cerebral Palsy
T.A. Murakami, MD, Sao Paulo
L.B. Ferreira, MD
A.Y. Aihara, MD
A. Rosenfeld, MD
C.H. Longo, PhD,MD
P.R. Kanaji, MD

Everything You Want to Know
About Chondromyxoid Fibromas!
From Typical to Atypical and Its
L.A. Mendes, MD, Sao Paulo BRAZIL
I.R. Oliveira, MD
A. Paz
E.J. Ishida, MD
C.K. Yamaguchi
G. Pozzan, MD

Pitfalls, Anatomical Variations, and
Artifacts in Shoulder MRI: Frequent
Causes of Overcall!
P.C. Kuenzer Goes, MD, Sao Paulo
A.Y. Aihara, MD
F.N. Cardoso, MD

Postmortem Imaging of the Cervical
Spine Injuries
Y. Makino, MD, Tokyo JAPAN
H. Yokota, MD
T. Horikoshi, MD
H. Mukai
S. Hattori
M. Yoshida, MD

Skeletal Dysplasias Made Simple
L.L. Faria, MD, Juiz de Fora Brazil
F.D. Marsolla, MD
F.A. Bezerra SR, MD
G.A. Bandeira, MD
T.L. Matuki, MD
D.Y. Otto

Typical and Atypical Manifestation
of “Schwannoma”: Multimodality
Imaging and Differential Diagnosis
K. Minamiguchi, Kashihara Japan
J. Takahama, MD
N. Marugami
R. Taiji
T. Tachiiri
T. Miyasaka, MD

A Pictorial Review of Arthritis on
FDG-PET/CT: Key Features and
Uptake Patterns for Differential
M. Hotta, Shinjuku Japan
R. Minamimoto, MD, PhD
T. Tajima, MD, PhD
T. Noguchi, MD, PhD
Y. Shida, MD
T. Okafuji, MD

Imaging of Merkel Cell Carcinoma:
What Imaging Experts Should
G. Akaike, MD, Seattle, WA
T. Akaike, MD
K. Lachance, MS
P. Nghiem, MD, PhD
S. Behnia, MD

Clinical PET Imaging in Pediatric
Brain Tumors
Y. Yamamoto, MD, PhD, Kagawa
T. Norikane
Y. Nishiyama, MD

All-You-Can-See: Dynamic Volume
Scan for Cerebral Infarction using
320-Detector-Row CT
Y. Matsuzaki, RT, Suita JAPAN
A.K. Kono, MD, PhD
S. Morikawa
M. Inoue, MD
A. Kotoku, MD
Y. Watanabe, MD

Multimodality Imaging Characteristics
of HPV-Related Oropharyngeal
Squamous Cell Carcinoma:
Morphologic Radiologic Features
and Quantitative Parameters
H. Yamauchi, MD, Minato-ku JAPAN
A. Baba
H. Ojiri, MD
Y. Kubo, MD
K. Ikeda, MD, PhD
N. Ogino

Pseudocontinuous Arterial Spin
Labeling: Clinical Applications
and Usefulness in Head and Neck
M. Umino, MD, Tsu JAPAN
M. Maeda, MD
K. Inoue
R. Nakayama, PhD
Y. Nomoto
H. Sakuma, MD

Advanced Imaging Protocol to
Improve the Image Quality of
Carotid CT Angiography
Y. Ota, RT, Morioka JAPAN
A. Tamura, MD
S. Ehara, MD

Sphenoid Sinus Disease: A Pictorial
M. Tanabe, MD, Ube Japan
E. Iida, MD
M. Furukawa, MD
H. Goto
T. Mikuriya
K. Ito, MD

Occupational Radiation Exposure
of the Eye in Neurovascular Interventional
M. Kato, PhD, Akita JAPAN
K. Chida, PhD
T. Kinoshita, MD, PhD
H. Toyoshima, BSc
N. Takahashi
T. Omura

Imaging Evaluation of Otosclerosis:
What the Otologist Needs to Know
R.M. Santos, MD, Sao Paulo Brazil
V.T. Goncalves, MD
R.A. Moreno, MD
C. Toyama
R.L. Gomes, PhD, MD
E.M. Gebrim, MD

Updates of Anaplastic Thyroid
Cancer: Diagnosis, Molecular
Genetics, and Treatment
N. Saito, MD, PhD, Hidaka JAPAN
C. Masaki, MD
O. Sakai, MD,PhD
A. Uchino, MD, PhD
T. Ichikawa, MD, PhD

Orthognathic Surgery: A Primer
for Reporting and Main Complications
L.C. Araujo, MD, Sao Paulo BRAZIL
E. Kaiser Ururahy Nunes Fonseca, MD
R.W. Murakoshi, MD
H. Tames
R.L. Gomes, PhD, MD
M.M. Daniel, MD

High-Resolution Diffusion-Weighted
Imaging in the Pelvis and Abdomen:
Is It Useful for Clinical Practice?
T. Ota, Suita Japan
M. Hori, MD
H. Onishi, MD
A. Nakamoto, MD
N. Tomiyama, MD,PhD
H. Fukui

Neurocristopathies: The Many
Enigmatic Faces of Neural Crest
Cell Derived Abnormalities
A. Handa, MD, Iowa City, IA
R.M. Becker, MD
S. Priya, MD
T. Sato, MD
Y. Sato, MD

Classic and Unusual Musculoskeletal
Manifestations of Pediatric
Hematologic Malignancy
S. Noda, MD, Boston, MA
M.F. Tannenbaum, BA
S. Cohen, MD
A.M. Golja, MD
D.M. Schwartz, MD
J.G. Rissmiller, MD

Skeletal Ciliopathies: A Pattern
Recognition Approach and Latest
Updates in Genetics that Radiologists
Need to Know
A. Handa, MD, Iowa City, IA
A. Hammarsjo
G. Grigelionene
G. Nishimura

Easy Understanding of Theory and
Image Characteristics of the ModelBased
Iterative Reconstruction at
CT for Radiologists: How Does It
T. Higaki, PhD
F. Tatsugami
Y. Nakamura, MD
S. Maeda, Hiroshima JAPAN
S. Tsushima
K. Awai, MD

Optimization Method of HyperParameters in Convolutional Neural Network for Medical Image Application
K. Tanaka, Kusatsu JAPAN
A. Hizukuri R. Nakayama, PhD
M. Ishida, MD, PhD
K. Kitagawa, MD, PhD
H. Sakuma, MD

Imaging of Renal Transplant Complications Throughout the Life of the Allograft: A Comprehensive Multimodality Review
G. Joshi, MD, Columbia, MO
M.D. Sugi, MD
K.K. Maddu, MBBS
N. Dahiya, MD
C.O. Menias, MD

Adrenal Lesions in “By-The-Book” Cases: What to Expect When You Are NOT Expecting?
S.M. Ando, MD,Sao Paulo BRAZIL
F.M. Coelho, MD
M. Verussa, MD
L.B. Rodrigues, MD
F.A. Bezerra SR, MD
H.A. Holzmann, MD

New and Updated Topics in Targeted Therapies for the Treatment of Advanced and Metastatic Renal Cell Carcinoma: What Radiologists Should Know
Y. Ueno, MD, PhD,Kobe JAPAN
S. Takahashi, MD,PhD
K. Sofue, MD
U. Tanaka
T. Tamada, MD,PhD
T. Murakami, MD, PhD

What Radiologists Need to Focus on Renal Imaging for Preventing Pathological Upstaging of Clinical T1 to Pathological T3 Renal Cancer Managed by Partial Nephrectomy
S. Takahashi, MD, PhD,
Takatsuki JAPANY. Ueno, MD, PhD
N. Negi, RT
K. Kagawa
T. Murakami, MD, PhD

Hemorrhagic Complications of Pancreatitis: The Role of Multidetector CT and Interventional Radiology
S. Barreto, MD,Syracuse, NY
K. Kobayashi,MD
M.I. Karmel, MD
D. Zhang, MD

Automated Tumor-Feeder Detection Software (ATDS) Using CT During Arteriography in Transarterial Embolization
T. Kubo, Bunkyo-ku JAPAN
Y. Arai M. Sone, MD
M. Kusumoto, MD
T. Magara
C. Nagashima

Clinical Applications of Dynamic Density Optimization (DDO) in Body Digital Angiography: What the Radiologist Needs to Know
H. Tateishi, Tokyo JAPAN
K. Kuroki, MD
H. Machida
T. Iwamoto
T. Kariyasu
Y. Masuda

Need-To-Know Things About Interventional Procedures Related to Portal Venous System
S. Ota, MD,PhD, Otsu Japan
A. Inoue, MD,PhD
S. Watanabe, MD
K. Takaki, MD
S. Sato, MD
N. Nitta, MD

What Should Diagnostic Radiologists Know About Endoscopic Ultrasound-Guided Biliary Intervention?
S. Sugawara, Tokyo JAPAN
Y. Arai M. Sone, MD
M. Kusumoto, MD
S. Hijioka Y. Sakamoto