速報! RSNA 2017 Award Winners ~日本人受賞者一覧~

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■Magna Cum Laude

Atrial Septal Defect: Comprehensive Three-dimensional Reconstruction Using Dual-source Computed Tomography
S. Mori, Kobe Japan
T. Nishii, MD, PhD
J.T. Tretter
D. Spicer
R. Anderson, MD

Current Status of the Imaging Biomarkers Predicting Biological Nature of Hepatocellular Carcinoma
N. Yoneda, Kanazawa Japan
O. Matsui, MD
A. Kitao, MD
K. Kozaka, MD
S. Kobayashi, MD
D. Inoue

Evaluating the Utility of CT Perfusion for Head and Neck Tumors
Y. Sasaki, RT, Hidaka-Shi, Saitama JAPAN
N. Saito, MD, PhD
K. Minami, MD,PhD
M.N. Chapman, MD
O. Sakai, MD, PhD
A. Uchino, MD, PhD

Be Aware of Tube Potential Setting When Interpreting Renal Masses on CT
S. Kawamoto, MD, Laurel, MD
K. Taguchi, PhD
S.L. Zimmerman, MD
E.K. Fishman, MD

■Cum Laude

New CT-Based Mediastinal Compartment Classifications and Differential Diagnosis of Mediastinal Tumors
T. Nakazono, MD, PhD, Saga Japan
K. Yamaguchi, MD
R. Egashira, MD,PhD
M. Yukimoto
Y. Takase
M. Mizuguchi, MD

Facing Consequences of Elbow Dislocations: Imaging Findings of Recurrent Instability
S. Faruqui, MD
S. Desouches, DO
H.J. O’Rourke, MD
M. Hall, MD
K. Ohashi, MD, Iowa City, IA

Tips for Evaluating the Plantar Plate of the Metatarsophalangeal Joints in MRI: Normal and Pathological Findings
D. Pastore, MD, PhD, Sao Paulo Brazil
A. Filho
E. Narahashi
M. Gonzalez
W. Lin A.H. Rassi

Imaging Complications of Intravesical BCG Therapy for Bladder Cancer
D.B. Green, MD, New York, NY
C.O. Menias, MD
S. Bhalla, MD
A. Kawashima, MD, PhD
R.D. Shah, MD
T. Tanaka, MD, PhD

■Certificate of Merit

Internal Mammary Lymph Node Metastases in Breast Cancer: What Should Radiologists Know?
M. Urano, Nagoya Japan F.A. Denewar, MD
M. Mizutani, MD
M. Kitase
T. Murai, MD
K. Ohashi, PhD,RT

IgG4-related Cardiovascular Diseases: MDCT and FDG PET/CT Features of Inflammatory Aortitis/ Periaortitis, Periarteritis, Coronary Artery Aneurysm, and Pericarditis
N. Oyama-Manabe, MD, PhD, Sapporo JAPAN
S. Yabusaki, MD
O. Manabe
Y. Kikuchi, MD
F. Kato K. Kudo, MD

Four-dimensional (4D) Computed Tomography (CT) with Non-rigid Registration Between Adjacent Phases Before and after Transcatheter Aortic Valve Implantation (TAVI): One Step Forward Into the Future
Y. Yamada, MD, PhD, Tokyo JAPAN
M. Yamada, MS
S. Matsumoto
R. Yanagisawa
F. Yashima
K. Hayashida

What CT Findings Besides the TNM Classification or Staging Can Radiologists Provide to Thoracic Surgeons for Safe Lung Cancer Surgery
T. Yamashiro, MD, Nishihara JAPAN
H. Moriya, MD
Y. Nagatani, MD
Y. Oshiro, MD
S. Matsushita, MD
S. Murayama, MD, PhD

CH161-ED -X
Thoracic Involvement of Igg4-Related Disease: Radiologic-Pathologic Correlation
R. Egashira, MD,PhD, Saga Japan
Y. Waseda
T. Nakazono, MD, PhD
K. Yamaguchi, MD
M. Hashisako
H. Irie, MD, PhD

Giving Thought to UIP Pattern: Radiologic-Pathologic Correlation in Various Etiologies and the Role of Radiologists in Multidisciplinary Diagnosis
R. Egashira, MD,PhD, Saga Japan
K. Yamaguchi, MD
T. Nakazono, MD, PhD
K. Kai, MD,PhD
M. Hashisako
H. Irie, MD, PhD

When Vasculitis Manifests in the Thorax: Spectrum of Imaging Findings
K. Suga, MD, Tokyo Japan
J. Starkey, MD
Y. Kurihara, MD
F. Toshinori, MD

MDCT of Groin Hernias: Diagnosis, Postoperative Findings, and Complications
E. Tanaka, MD, Yokohama Japan
N. Takeyama, MD
A. Kotake, MD
K. Nagai, MD
T. Hayashi, MD
T. Hashimoto, MD

Challenges in Pancreatic Cancer Detection: Lessons Learned from Difficult Cases
L.C. Chu, MD, Baltimore, MD
S. Kawamoto, MD
A. Zaheer, MD
I.R. Kamel, MD, PhD
K.M. Horton, MD
E.K. Fishman, MD

Sclerosing Cholangitis: Images and Pathophysiology
K. Kozaka, MD, Kanazawa JAPAN
D. Inoue
T. Matsubara
K. Yoshida, MD
N. Yoneda
A. Kitao, MD

Managing and Reducing the Scattered Radiation Dose in MDCT
T. Honda, BSC, Sendai Japan
F. Sato
Y. Inaba, PhD
S. Hitachi
S. Tachibana
K. Chida, PhD

Standing on the Shoulders of Giants: State-of-the-Art Deep- Learning Super-Resolution Imaging for Radiology
J. Ota, MS, Suita JAPAN
K. Umehara, MS
H. Numasaki, PhD
S. Takashima
T. Endo, MD
T. Ishida, PhD

MK250-ED -WEA 9
Lipomatous Lesions of Soft Tissue: More Than Superficial Lipoma
P.C. Kuenzer Goes, MD, Curitiba BRAZIL
A. Rosenfeld, MD
L.M. Sugawara SR, MD
F.N. Cardoso, MD
A.Y. Aihara, MD

Whole-Body Imaging Modalities in Multiple Myeloma: What Radiologists Should Know About Diagnostic Criteria
A. Ormond Filho, MD
B.C. Carneiro, Sao Paulo Brazil
I.P. Silva
D. Pastore, MD, PhD
S.R. Yamashita, MD
J.C. Vilhena, MD

Ensemble Deep Learning of Computer-aided Detection for Colon Cancer Screening in CT Colonography
K. Umehara, MS, Suita JAPAN
J.J. Nappi, PhD
T. Hironaka
D. Regge, MD
T. Ishida, PhD
H. Yoshida, PhD

Pelvic Space Tumors: Anatomy of Pelvic Spaces and Pattern-based Approach to Guide Imaging Diagnosis: How the Radiologist Can Help with the Treatment Plan
S. Nougaret, MD, Montpellier FRANCE
C.L. Orliac, MD
E. Sala, MD, PhD
S. Fujii, MD
R. Forstner, MD
I. Petkovska, MD

Adding Value: The Utility of PET/ CT in the Diagnosis and Work-up of Sarcoidosis, with Focus on Atypical Presentations
G. Akaike, MD, Seattle, WA
M. Itani, MD
B. Yilmaz Gunes
R.B. Assaker, MD
J. Ahuja, MD, MBBS
F. Behnia, MD

Clinical PET Imaging in Brain Tumor
Y. Yamamoto, MD, PhD, Kagawa Japan
T. Norikane
Y. Nishiyama, MD

Advanced MRI for Intracranial Dural Arteriovenous Fistulas
K. Nishikawa, Toyama JAPAN
N. Naruto
H. Tannai
K. Yamagishi
M.U. Rehman
K. Noguchi, MD

Imaging of Extracranial Head and Neck Lesions: A Symptom-based Approach in Cancer Patients
T. Hiyama, MD, Kashiwa JAPAN
K. Sekiya, DDS, PhD
H. Kuno, MD, PhD
T. Kobayashi, MD
M. Minami, MD, PhD
M. Kusumoto, MD

Postoperative of the Sinuses: What Does the Radiologist Need To Know?
W.R. Junior, Sao Paulo BRAZIL
C. Toyama
J.T. Takahashi, MD
C. Da Silva, MD,PhD
R.L. Gomes, PhD, MD
E.M. Gebrim, MD

APT Imaging of Tumors: Theory, Clinical applications, Pitfalls and Future Directions
K. Kamimura, MD, PhD, Kagoshima JAPAN
T. Yoshiura, MD, PhD
M. Nakajo, MD
K. Takumi
Y. Kumagae
Y. Fukukura, MD, PhD

The Nose Knows: A Primer of Cosmetic Nasal CT & MRI
F. Toshinori, MD, Chuo JAPAN
Y. Kurihara, MD
J. Starkey, MD

Brain 4D Flow MRI: Scan Parameters, Analysis Parameters and Target Diseases
T. Andoh
T. Sekine, MD, PhD, Tokyo JAPAN
E. Orita
K. Iwata
R. Takagi, MD
S. Kumita, MD

MR Imaging of the Uterine Cervix Adenocarcinoma and Other Rare Cervical Tumors
T. Saida, MD, Tsukuba JAPAN
A. Sakata
Y. Tanaka, MD
H. Ochi
T. Ishiguro
M. Sakai, MD

Ovarian Solid Tumors: MR Imaging Features with Radiologic-Pathologic Correlation
N. Mukuda, Yonago Japan
S. Fujii, MD
C. Inoue
T. Fukunaga
Y. Tanabe, MD
T. Ogawa, MD

Variations and Complications of Ovarian Teratoma: Imaging and Pathological Features
M. Yukimoto, Saga JAPAN
T. Nakazono, MD, PhD
R. Egashira, MD,PhD
K. Yamaguchi, MD
Y. Takase
M. Mizuguchi, MD

Ultrasound for Anorectal Malformation: Radiologists Play an Important Role in Deciding on a Surgical Approach
T. Hosokawa, Saitama JAPAN
M. Hosokawa
H. Takahashi, MD
Y. Sato
Y. Tanami, MD
E. Oguma, MD

Evaluation of Eye Radiation Exposure of Medical Workers: What is the Most Desirable Method?
F. Sato, Sendai Japan
K. Chida, PhD
Y. Haga
H. Ishii
K. Satsurai
Y. Kaga, RT

Hepatocellular Carcinoma after Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy (SBRT): Learning About What Is Happening in the Liver
A. Takeda
M. Okada, MD, Itabashi-Ku JAPAN
K. Numata

Urological Malignant Lymphoma: Multimodality Imaging and Differential Diagnosis
N. Marugami, Kashihara JAPAN
J. Takahama, MD
A. Takahashi, MD
K. Minamiguchi
R. Taiji
T. Hirai, MD

Occupational Exposure of the Eye in Interventional Radiology Laboratory Staff
Y. Haga, Sendai Japan
K. Chida, PhD
Y. Kaga, RT
F. Sato
T. Honda, BSC
M. Sota

4D Abdominal Dynamic Motion Imaging CT
M. Uchida, MD, PhD, Kurume Japan
A. Kuhara
A. Sumi, MD
H. Kuroki, RT
S. Tokuyasu, RT,MS

3D Printing in Radiology and Interventional Radiology
H. Takao, MD, Tokyo JAPAN
E. Shibata, MD
S. Amemiya, MD
K. ohtomo
O. Abe, MD, PhD

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