VTQ(Virtual Touch Quantification)で線維化を超えた診断に迫る


VTQ(Virtual Touch Quantification)で線維化を超えた診断に迫る

 Virtual Touch Quantification (VTQ、Siemens ACUSON S2000®)を用いて肝臓の硬さ診断を行った症例を解析すると、肝発癌の既往を有する症例で有意に肝臓が硬いことが示された。針生検による侵襲的線維化診断を行わなくとも、日常臨床で簡便に繰り返し施行できるVTQでHCCのリスク評価ができる可能性が示唆された。

 Since ancient time a hard liver like stones is called cirrhosis and cirrhosis has been reported to beassociated with liver failure and cancer. We can use novel methods for measuring the stiffness of theorgan with ultrasonography (US) such as shear wave imaging and strain imaging. Virtual TouchQuantification (VTQ, Siemens ACUSON S2000®) technology is one of the most common method ofshear wave imaging, so we tried to reveal the relationship between stiffness of liver and carcinogenesisusing VTQ. In our study patients with a history of hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) are predominantlyhard liver compared to cancer-free patients, and then stiffness of organs was likely to be involved incarcinogenesis.