RSNA 2015 コレが私のイチオシ演題@塚田実郎先生(RWTH Aachen University)

RSNA2015 Report:コレが私のイチオシ演題

【IVR, Gastrointestinal】
Title: Vascular/Interventional (Hepatobiliary Interventions)
DATE: Sunday
TIME: 10:45–12:15 AM
Code: SSA24
Location: E352
Title: Principles and Practice of 3D Printing
Purpose: 1) Learn the basics of 3D printing technologies. 2) Discuss how these can be used clinically. 3) Discuss the current limitations of this technology as it relates to health care. 4) Use case examples to define current uses of this technology in surgical and medical specialties.
DATE: Sunday
TIME: 11:00–12:30 PM
Code: RCC11A
Location: S501ABC
Title: Pain and Sedation in 2015: Improving Quality and Patient Outcomes
Purpose: An evidenced-based review of the current literature and how to measure quality and safety related to procedural sedation. 2) Understand the necessity and the role that team training contributes to a safe procedural environment. 3) Review appropriate patient selection for interventional procedures. 4) Review procedural sedation policies, accreditation, pharmacology and patient monitoring. 5) Challenging cases presentation and discussion.
DATE: Sunday
TIME: 2:00–3:30 PM
Code: RC114
Location: S504AB
【MRI, US, Digital Mammography, Breast】
Title: Breast Series: Hot Topics in Breast Imaging
DATE: Monday
TIME: 8:30–12:00 PM
Code: RC215
Location: Arie Crown Theater
流行のTomosynthesisやMRIによるスクリ-ニング、Ultrafast dynamic contrast enhanced MRIなど乳腺画像診断のUpdateが満載です。
【Chest, Musculoskeletal, IVR, Oncology】
Title: Interventional Oncology Series: Lung and Musculoskeletal
DATE: Tuesday
TIME: 1:30–6:00 PM
Code: VSI031
Location: S405AB
肺癌、転移性肺腫瘍といった胸部腫瘍、類骨骨腫や脊椎転移などの骨軟部腫瘍に対する焼灼や凍結療法、SRTなどの治療に関するupdateな演題が多い。緩和治療に関する話題もあり、最近のnon-vascular IVRにおいては話題の領域です。
【Vascular, IVR】
Title: Interventional Series: Embolotherapy
DATE: Tuesday
TIME: 8:30–12:00 AM
Code: RC314
Location: E351
IVRにおける塞栓物質に関するsession。荒井先生のGlueに始まり、近年話題のBariatric embolizationまで幅広く網羅されている。
【Cardiac, CT, MRI】
Title: Essentials of Cardiac Imaging
DATE: Tuesday
TIME: 3:30–5:00 PM
Code: MSES34
Location: S100AB
【Gastrointestinal, IVR, Oncology】
Title: Interventional Oncology Series: Mechanisms Matter: Basic Science Every IO Should Know
DATE: Wednesday
TIME: 1:30–6:00 AM
Code: VSIO41
Location: S405AB
Learning Objectives: 1) Gain an appreciation of the basic scientific underpinnings of interventional oncology. 2) Understand how and why these mechanistic studies can have an impact on both daily clinical practice and future therapeutic paradigms. 3) Characterize the most important advances of tumor ablation over the last two decades. 4) Gain a better understanding of the cutting edge imaging techniques that facilitate successful state of the art interventional oncologic practice.
IVR oncologistが知っておくべき治療・抗腫瘍効果のメカニズムや治療後の炎症のメカニズムなどに関するsession。
【Emergency Radiology】
Title: Trauma Imaging Pitfalls
DATE: Wednesday
TIME: 8:30–10:00 AM
Code: RC508
Location: E353C
胸部、腹部、骨盤、四肢の4つに分けて外傷のpitfallを紹介しています。横隔膜損傷など、外傷pan scan時の見落としを減らすために有用な情報を提供してくれるものと思います。
【Vascular, CT】
Title: Vascular Series: CT Angiography: New Techniques and Their Application
DATE: Wednesday
TIME: 8:30–12:00 AM
Code: RC512
Location: E352
Iterative ReconstructionやDual-energy CT、low kVp CTなど最近のCT技術によるCT angiographyに関するsessionです。
【Gastrointestinal, Vascular, IVR, Oncology】
Title: Interventional Series: Complications in Interventional Oncology-Avoidance and Damage Control
DATE: Friday
TIME: 8:30–12:00 PM
Code: RC814
Location: N228
Learning Objectives: 1) List 2 important recent publications in interventional oncology. 2) Explain the mechanism of one complication related to thermal ablation. 3) Describe 1 pitfall of radioembolization. 4) Outline 3 complications in combination therapy for hepatocellular carcinoma. 5) List three complications of chemo-embolization.
IVRの合併症に関するsession。RadioembolizationやIrreversible Electroporation、焼灼術に伴う合併症が紹介されている。
【Breast, MRI】
Title: Correlation of MR Imaging with Predictive Pathologic Models of Response after Neoadjuvant Therapy in Different Subtypes of Locally Advanced Breast Cancer. A Radiopathologic Review of Standard Concepts, Usefulness and Limitations
DATE: All Day
Code: BR102-ED-X
Location: BR Community, Learning Center
Purpose: Understand the classification of subtypes in breast carcinoma. Illustrate analysis and stimation of response after neoadjuvant therapy both on pathology and imaging, emphasizing correlation of diagnostic models trying to integrate pathology and imaging. Analize the goals and limitations of MR in the monitoring of response, reviewing predictors of discordance in different subsets of patients, adequate evaluation for each subtype of breast cancer, pathological, clinical and imaging parameters.
局所進行乳癌のSubtype別にMRI所見と病理所見を対比し、MRIの有効性やlimitationについて解説したcase-based reviewです。