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■Magna Cum Laude
CHE 107
Radiological and Histopathological
Correlation of Thymic Epithelial
T. Nakazono, MD, PhD, Saga Japan; K.
Yamaguchi, MD; R. Egashira, MD; M.
Mizuguchi, MD; H. Irie, MD, PhD
INE 025-b
3D Printed Liver Models for Diagnostic
and Surgical Assistance: How
to Prepare Data, Print and Utilize?
K. Mori, PhD, Nagoya, Japan; Y. Nakamura,
PhD; Y. Hayashi, PhD; M. Oda,
PhD; T. Igami, PhD, MD; T. Hirose, MD
■Cum Laude
BRE 157
You will See it When you Know it:
Clustered Ring Enhancement, a New
Breast MRI BI-RADS Descriptor
for Internal Enhancement Pattern of
Non-mass Enhancement
Y. Machida, MD, PhD, Chuo-City Japan;
M. Tozaki, MD, PhD; A. Shimauchi, MD;
T. Yoshida; Y. Kanemaki
CAE 153
Step-by-step Guide to Myocardial
Extracellular Volume Measurement
Using CT
Y. Kurita, MD, Tsu Japan; K. Kitagawa,
MD, PhD; M. Uno, MD; Y. Goto, MD; N.
Nagasawa, RT, PhD; S. Nakamori, MD
ERE 191
Imaging of Traumatic Preganglionic
and Postganglionic Brachial Plexus
Y. Endo, MD, New York, NY
INE 114
CT Guided Puncture Navigated by
Gyroscope Equipped Smartphone
M. Hirata, MD, Toon Japan; H. Tanaka,
MD; N. Fukuyama; G. Koiwahara; N.
Kawaguchi, MD; T. Tsuda, MD, PhD
NRE 310
Elastography of Thyroid Nodules:
Which Elastography Index Can Predict
O. C. Saito, MD, PhD, Sao Paulo Brazil;
M. C. Chammas, PhD; F. B. Franco,
MD; S. M. Tochetto, MD; G. G. Cerri,

OBE 103
Comprehensive Review of T2-Star
Weighted Imaging of the Female
E. Maeda, MD, Tokyo Japan; N. Takahashi;
O. Yoshino; M. Nakamura; K.
Ohtomo, MD; M. Osuga
PDE 105
Dynamic Volumetric Computed
Tomography for Pediatric Airway
Assessment: How to Get Adequate
Images with Reduced Radiation Dose
J. Mori, Kawasaki Japan; Y. Ogawa,
RT; K. Tateishi; A. Fujikawa, MD; B. D.
Lohman; J. Matsumoto, MD
VIE 133
Technical Recommendations for
Intra-arterial Therapy in Rat Liver
Tumor Model
H. Nishiofuku, Kashihara Japan; T.
Tanaka, MD; Y. Fukuoka; T. Sato; H.
Anai, MD, PhD; K. Kichikawa, MD

■Certificate of Merit
BRE 228
Non-mass Lesion on Breast Ultrasound:
Appearance and Significance
Radiologists Should Know
Y. Machida, MD, PhD, Chuo-City Japan;
M. Tozaki, MD, PhD; A. Shimauchi, MD;
T. Yoshida; Y. Kanemaki
ERE 139
Fluid Collection in the Retropharyngeal
Space: A Wide Spectrum
of Various Emergency Diseases in
Children and Adults
H. Ikeda, MD, Kawasaki Japan; T.
Yamashiro, MD; A. Fujikawa, MD; H.
Tomita; Y. Y. Kurihara, MD; Y. Nakajima,
GIE 128
Evaluation of Gallbladder Cancer:
Ultrasonography, Computed
Tomography, and Magnetic Resonance
S. Morita, Tokyo Japan; H. Onaya, MD;
Y. Arai; M. Sone, MD; S. Sugawara
GIE 154
Natural History of Colorectal
Cancer: How CT Colonography
Can Help to Predict Which Lesions
Grow Slowly or Rapidly
Y. Watanabe, MD, Tokyo Japan; M.
Miyake, MD; M. Oda, MD; T. Sakamoto;
G. Iinuma, MD, PhD; K. Sugimura,
GIE 227
Optimal Imaging Method of Preoperative
3DCT for Malignant Liver
K. Harada, RT, Sapporo Japan; S.
Honma, RT; A. Chiba; Y. Oohashi; T.
Imai; M. Hatakenaka, MD, PhD
GIE 228
Peritumoral Enhancement of
Hepatic Tumors and Tumorous
Lesions: Analysis Based on the
Hemodynamics Evaluated by
Angiography-assisted CT and Histopathology
K. Kozaka, MD, Kanazawa Japan; O.
Matsui, MD; S. Kobayashi, MD; J.
Sanada; W. Koda; T. Minami, MD
Triathlon Injuries: Trauma and
Overuse Injuries of the Upper and
Lower Extremities
D. Hayashi, MBBS, PhD, Bridgeport,
CT; S. Scheepers, MBChB, FFRAD(D)
SA; A. Guermazi, MD, PhD; F. W.
Roemer, MD; R. V. De Villiers, MMed

Whole Body MRI (WB-MRI) for
Detecting Bone Metastases: Usefulness
of Fused Coronal Images
of Diffusion-weighted Images
(DWI) and T1-weighted Images
K. Nakanishi, MD, PhD, Osaka
Japan; Y. Tanaka, MD; T. Nakazawa,
MD; T. Ueda, MD; K. Oshima, MD,
PhD; N. Tomiyama, MD, PhD
MSE 002-b
Reshaping Individualized Medicine:
3D Printing Integration of
Anatomic Models in Care of Complex
J. S. Matsumoto, MD, Rochester, MN;
J. M. Morris, MD; T. A. Foley, MD; T.
J. Vrtiska, MD; E. E. Williamson, MD;
S. Leng, PhD

NME 135
The Latest Imaging Assessment
for Anti-Tumor Therapy:
Therapeutic Response for Various
Tumors Using PET/CT or PET/
M. Yanagawa, MD, PhD, Suita Japan;
T. Watabe; K. Isohashi; O. Honda,
MD, PhD; J. Hatazawa, MD, PhD; N.
Tomiyama, MD, PhD
NRE 105
Clinical Impact of Iterative Model
Reconstruction for CT Brain
Examinations: Usefulness of Thin-
Slice Images for Emergency Neuroradiology
T. Nakaura, MD, Amakusa Japan; M.
Kidoh; S. Tokuyasu, RT; S. Uemura;
K. Harada; Y. Yamashita, MD
NRE 113
Multimodal Neuroimaging of
Intractable Epilepsy: A Primer
and Update
T. Nishiguchi, MD, PhD,Osaka Japan ;
M. Morino, MD, PhD

NRE 306
Clinical Presentation and Imaging
Findings of Chronic Sclerosing
Sialadenitis for Smart Diagnosis
and Therapy for IgG4-related
E. Iida, MD, Ube Japan; M. Furukawa,
MD; T. Ueda; M. Tanabe, MD;
Y. Kunihiro, MD; N. Matsunaga,
NRE 308
Determination of Unresectability
in Head and Neck Cancer with
H. Kuno, MD, Kashiwa Japan; H.
Ojiri, MD; H. Onaya, MD; K. Sekiya,
DDS, PhD; S. Fujii, MD, PhD; M.
Kusumoto, MD
NRE 312
Extension Patterns of Oral Cavity
Carcinoma in the Mandible and
Its Clinical Significance
K. Sekiya, DDS, PhD, Kashiwa-shi
Japan; H. Kuno, MD; S. Fujii, MD,
PhD; T. Kaneda, DDS, PhD; M.
Kusumoto, MD; R. Hayashi, MD, PhD
OBE 115
The Revised FIGO Staging System
for Cancer of the Ovary, Fallopian
Tube, and Peritoneum: Important
Implications for Radiologists
T. Saida, MD, Tsukuba Japan; Y.
Tanaka, MD; K. Matsumoto, MD; T.
Satoh, MD; H. Yoshikawa, MD, PhD;
M. Minami, MD, PhD

PHE 019-b
Evaluation of Radiation Dose in
Endovascular Treatment of Thoracic
and Abdominal Aortic Aneurysms
Using a Hybrid Operating
Room System
Y. Haga, Sendai Japan; K. Chida,
PhD; Y. Kaga, RT; E. Kumasaka, BSC;
N. Kataoka, BSC; Y. Iwaya
PHE 024-b
Evaluating Image Quality of Compressed
Sensing MRI Aiming at
Clinical Applications
T. Saito, BS, RT, Sendai Japan; Y. Ichinoseki,
MS, RT; K. Miyamoto, BS, RT;
T. Nagasaka, RT; Y. Machida, PhD
PHE 114
Technical Aspects of Optimization
for Gadoxetic Acid-enhanced Liver
MR Imaging
S. Kobayashi, MD, Kanazawa Japan;
N. Ohno, PhD; Y. Fujinaga, MD;
T. Miyati, PhD; T. Gabata, MD; O.
Matsui, MD
URE 168
Role of FDG-PET/CT in Urological
Oncology: Staging and Posttreatment
M. Okada, MD, Nishihara-cho Japan;
I. Chiba; G. IIda; Y. Nishikuramori; Y.
Iraha; S. Murayama, MD, PhD
URE 176
X-ray Scatter Correction Technology
with 2D Anti-scatter Grid: Is
Removing X-ray Scatter Able to
Correct the Hounsfield Unit of
Renal Cyst?
T. Mineyama; K. Honda; Y. Kobayashi,
MD, PhD; K. Sasaki, RT; K. Ameda; S.
Tokuyasu, RT, Minato-ku Japan
VIE 150
Novel Contrast-Injection Protocol
for High Resolution Abdominal
CT-Angiography: Vascular
Visualization Improvement with
M. Hoshika, Okayama Japan; N. Nishiyama;
Y. Kobayashi; Y. Takeda, MD
VIE 177
Vascular and Lymphatic Imaging
for Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery:
A Primer for the Radiologist
S. Soga, MD, Tokorozawa Japan; H.
Shinmoto, MD; T. Okamura, MD; N.
Yoshihara; T. Soya; T. Kaji, MD

Spectrum of Hepatic Tumors with
Delayed Extracellular Enhancement
Effect on Hepatobiliary Phase of
EOB-enhanced MRI: MR-pathologic
T. Tonan, MD, Kurume City Japan; K.
Fujimoto, MD, PhD; T. Kumabe; S.
Nagata, MD; A. Sumi, MD; M. Uchida,
Imaging of Solitary Fibrous
Tumor in Various Organs: A Comprehensive
S. Nagata, MD, Kurume Japan; H.
Nishimura, MD; K. K. Amrami, MD;
K. Hiraoka; J. Akiba; A. Sumi, MD