US/US fusionによる穿刺治療のモニタリングと早期治療効果判定


US/US fusionによる穿刺治療のモニタリングと早期治療効果判定

沼田和司1)、二本松宏美1)、西郡修平1)、三箇克幸1)、守屋 聡1)、原 浩二1)、福田浩之1)、中馬 誠1)、田中克明1)、前田 愼2)、橋本 浩3)

 自動スキャンは手動スキャンよりも正確にvolume dataを取得可能である。この自動スキャンでのvolume
療直後効果判定に用いた。US/US融合画像で完全壊死と診断した26例は全例1か月後のCT/MRI で全例完全

 Three dimensional US (3D US) is now available using autosweep scanning and this method is
anticipated to be of benefit in the clinical setting because 3D image using autosweep scanning can obtain
accurate volume data comparing with manual scanning. UA/UA fusion imaging combining 3D US obtained
before radiofrequency ablation (RFA) and contrast-enhanced two dimensional US (CE 2D US) obtained
during and immediately after RFA using additional software such as global position system (GPS) marks
may be a useful modality for monitoring during RFA and immediate evaluation of therapeutic effectiveness
of RFA. In this study, 26 HCCs were evaluated as adequate ablation by US/US fusion imaging immediately
after RFA and these lesions were also evaluated as adequate RFA by CT or MRI obtained one month
after RFA. This modality may cancel the contrast-enhanced CT or MRI immediately after RFA.