MRI最新技術(DV26)の 初期使用経験


福岡大学病院放射線部 神宮綾多郎、中牟田隆司、田中 稔
福岡大学医学部放射線医学教室 吉満研吾

 Magnetic Resonance Imaging(MRI)の撮像技術の進歩は、日々留まる所を知らない。
 MRI技術の発展は、空間分解能、画像均一性、Signal-to-Noise Ratio(SNR)等の画質に関連するものや、撮
像時間の短縮、Specific Absorption Rate(SAR)、静音性等の患者の安全・負担軽減に関連するものなど多岐
にわたる。この度、当院で臨床稼働しているDiscovery MR750w 3.0T(GE Healthcare)に対して、最新

Recent technological innovation in Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) knows no boundaries, including those related to image quality, such as high spatial resolution, image homogeneity, and high Signal-to-Noise Ratio (SNR), and also those related to patients’ safety and ease, such as short scanning time, less Specific Absorption Rate (SAR), and silent scan technique. One of our clinical MR units, Discovery MR 750w 3.0T (GE Healthcare), has recently been upgraded to DV26, the latest version, which only a few number of institutions have installed nationwide. In this review article, we present our initial experience of DV26, along with some actual clinical images.