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 高音圧条件かつ少量のSonazoid投与で自動スキャン撮影の3D造影超音波画像によるSono-angiographyやTomographic ultrasound imageは腫瘍血管や腫瘍濃染を様々な方向から観察が可能であり、肝腫瘍診断やラジオ波治療や集束超音波の治療効果判定に有用。

 After small amount of Soaznoid injection under high mechanical index(MI)contrast mode at high MI condition and autosweep scanning, contrast-enhanced three-dimensional ultrasonography(CE 3D US) is useful method for 3D evaluation of the vascular characteristics of liver tumors and for the differential diagnosis of hepatic lesions and for evaluating the effects of radiofrequency ablation or high intensity focused ultrasound for hepatocellular carcinomas(HCCs), offering unique 3D visualization such as sonographic angiography and tomographic ultrasound images. Fusion imaging combining CE 3D US obtained before therapy and CEUS obtained after therapy is now available using autosweep scanning. These features of CE 3D US are anticipated to be of benefit in the clinical setting.