Distal puncture


Distal puncture
安藤 弘

 慢性完全閉塞病変を攻略するのに当たって、distal puncture(DP)の併用による両方向性アプローチは、血管内治療の成功率を飛躍的に高め、浅大腿動脈領域ではほぼ100%、膝下動脈領域でも90%を有に超える成功をもたらす。そのためDPはインターベンション医とって必ず習得しなければならない技術の一つである。

In treatment of CTO lesions, bi-directional approach with distal puncture(DP)dramatically improves the success rate of EVT. The rate is almost 100% in SFA treatment, and easily exceeds 90% even in BK treatment. It is the reason why interventional physicians have to master DP. However, we have to understand both the benefits and the possible problems in performing DP, carrying out easily without any careful consideration would be refrained.