Amplatzer Vascular Plugを用いた血管塞栓術


Amplatzer Vascular Plugを用いた血管塞栓術

山本 聡

 Amplatzer Vascular Plugを用いた血管塞栓術について解説する。コイルや液状塞栓物質とは異なる特性を

 The Amplatzer Vascular Plug (AVP) is a self-expandable cylindrical device made from a flexible nitinol
wire mesh that adjusts to shape of the vessel. It is recommended to select a device approximately 30%
– 50% larger than the vessel diameter. The device is easy to use and can be precisely deployed in the
target vessel with high resistance to migration and a low recanalization rate. If the deviceposition is
unsatisfactory, it can be easily repositioned or removed. The AVP makes it possible to occlude large
vessel trunks with a single device. This new vessel occluder is a simple and effective device for the
transcatheter vascular embolization.